Our customers come first. Period. If they’re not happy we’re not happy. That’s all there is to it.


We stock EVERY PART required to support your product in our US warehouses. That means we can get your heater up and running fast. With a 48 hour shipping guarantee and real-time tracking information we wont leave you out in the cold.


Our 24x7 customer support system is ready when you are. With complete trouble shooting content available via any computer or any mobile devise we are here when you need us. Video, print and live customer service agents mean we’ve got you covered all day, every day.


Outdoor Order remains committed to our core company values that puts customer satisfaction above all else. We will go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with our products as well as our service. Driving our attention to detail is a commitment to improving customer experience with innovative technology driven by smart people with even smarter ideas. Whatever it takes, whenever you need it.


Our manufacturer warranty spans three years and offers complete coverage top to bottom. EVERY PIECE, EVERY PART, No cost to you, no hassle for us. But our products last a lot longer than three years and we are committed to supporting our products for their entire lifetime. Support never goes out of style and with that in mind we will continue to stock the necessary parts to keep your product up and running.


For our customers to have a truly excellent customer service experience is our goal. Outdoor Order is here to ensure you can use and enjoy your product now and well into the future. Excellence is defined as; the quality of being outstanding or extremely good and we intend to continue down this path with you constantly striving for excellence.

We guarantee our TRUBTU listing to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. No aftermarket alterations, no short cuts, no lies. Our products are registered with Canadian Standards Association and are certified to operate at our listed TRUBTU number.