Outdoor Order™ Heater Buy Back Program

Are your current outdoor heaters showing their age? Nothing can ruin the look and feel of your outdoor space faster than a worn out and tired patio heater. At Outdoor Order™ we want to help you get your luster back! Our Burner Buy-Back™ program helps you get brand new Outdoor Order™ patio heaters while saving you some serious cash. Here’s how it works: you let us know how many old heaters you have, what condition and type, and if they qualify we’ll issue you up to a $200 credit each towards a purchase of a brand new Outdoor Order™ heater. Just fill out our Burner Buy-Back™ form below, and one of our salespeople will get back to you with the good news - new heaters are on the way! Don't get left in the cold with old heaters, contact us today for a updated heating solution!